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I am Ionut Bondoc a self-taught Designer.               I'm skilled at both interaction and visual design, so not only can I make a web page or web application look appealing, I can make it easy to use as well. Lets get in touch.

And i can help you design, think and be creative with your projects. Feel free to get in touch.


A design it's not just about the beauty, typography or the colors. A design it's about how many problems it will solve or how many desperate lives it will save.


A design doesn't have to be new, different or impressive to be successful in the marketplace, as long as it's fulfilling a need, but design methods do lead to innovative products and services.


The single word 'design' encompasses an awful lot, and that's why the understandable search for a single definition leads to lengthy debate to say the least.




I gladly recommend Ionut. I have hired his services on quite a number of projects and do so because of his consistent high quality work and his ability to work to tight deadlines. I like his style of design, his clear communication and the way he is able to work with very rough briefs and produce something great.

Raiha Buchanan – House of Radon


Ionut is not only a great designer, but is fun and pleasant to work with! I like working with people who not only get your vision, but can make it better. And that is what Ionut does!

Eric Melchor – Lead Digital Strategist, Initiative


Ionut is a very diligent, hard working art director. He works very well both independently and as part of small or extensive teams. He has a wonderfully infectious, positive attitude and a good sense of humour. His work is strong, and keeps getting better as he gains experience and greater exposure to a variety of clients. I wouldn't hesitate to offer Ionut a job if a pertinent position were available. If you are looking to hire, Ionut would be an excellent choice.

Steve Clay – Executive Creative Director, Lowe